Why I came back to Blogger

In 2006 I opened a Blogger account, I had know idea what to do, had heard about blogging and spotted a guy called Seth that seemed to be doing ok at it.

I posted some thoughts and waited, and waited. Fast forward and the Internet shelves are stacked with blogging platform options, people now have a WordPress “site” not a blog and little people like me have voice.

Along the way I have tried every platform, I always wanted to like blogger but it never seemed to cut the mustard, I was secretly jealous of people in London Bloggers Meet Up who had a Blogger account and are happy with it.

I looked at my 14,000 sites, blogs and profiles, (it is astounding what you set up along the way!) I needed a proper focus on Engaging-people.com and consolidated social and event content I had produced on other sites to there. My food and travel blog is on the to my old Berniejmitchell.com wordpress site to be renamed eatingpeople.co.uk and the berniejmitchell URL will come here to Blogger.

Tempting as it is to change the default favicon from Blogger it is staying as there is something about it!I often I look at the London Bloggers Meet Up page and wonder if the logo should be cooler (Andy must have put it there five years ago) but it has a charm and accessibility that works. 

Even better about Blogger is that Google +, Blogger and my google apps work from one interface, this means I can make more of my google + , because quite frnkly it is hard to get into it!

Last of all the “sent from my mobile device” name – the Blogger iPhone app is quick, simple and where I’ll be sharing most of my thoughts from. I want to really work on this blog being a “quick daily first” – warts and all – the polished content can make it to Engaging & Eating people – what happens here on Blogger is of course sent from my mobile device…..

3 thoughts on “Why I came back to Blogger”

  1. So – I was asked to sign in with a variety of options and I chose my Google account and guess what? My gravatar which appears on every blog and forum I comment on (after all, that’s the idea) doesn’t appear and I seem to have nickname I don’t remember choosing.
    Are you sure about this Bernie?

    This time I tried to sign in using wordpress and I’mm getting “This url contains illegal characters” Same if I try Name/Url – now tried four differnt ways to get this published so I’m going back to the Google id

  2. I was fascinated to read this Bernie. Like you I started with blogger – 7 years ago(!)but changed to WordPress and let my blogger blog languish. I’m not tempted to take it up again tho and tbh it gives me the pip.
    Unlike you I look at people who use blogger and think “why bother?” The real test will come when I try to publish this comment. Will I have to jump through hoops, sign in with the right name in order to get my comment past the first hurdle? Lets see…..
    OK first problem I’m being asked to choose a profile but the drop down menu isn’t dropping down so I can’t. What now? Based on experience I’m copying this whole comment as I know its likely to disappear while I mess around tryng to post it.
    *** OK so here I am nearly 12 hours later having retrieved my post from the word doc I saved it in (if it was anyone but you I’d have just given up by now) Lets ee what happens this time …

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