Where do you TAG yourself on @likeourselves at the Late Late Breakfast Show? #llbs

We have set up a Late Late Breakfast Show Group on @likeourselves.


This will help you connect faster and more accurately tonight. The few minutes it will take you to sign up will give you a better connected event.

The make or break for this is to have many of you use it.

There are 80 people booked for tonight’s event, if half of you join in it will be a success! 

Your feedback is welcome, which of the TAG’s apply to you?

I’m in TAGtribe    2 Someone just tried to sell to me – help!    0I am here to collaborate    2I am in NRG    0What would an App do for my business?    1Peer groups interest me    1I go to #techMAP    1Location based marketing interests me    2I am on Meetup.com    2Please tell me what ‘permission marketing is’    1Twitter SUCKS!    1I am in Be2camp    1Someone just tried to stick their business card to my forehead!    0I HATE email!    0I have a blog!    3I prefer email communication please    0Does Lee Smallwood really exist?    3The Built Environment is my business    1Please sell to me!    0Social Media Sucks! – Just call me for £cuks sake!    0

This is my first #llbs – HELP!    0I use Linkedin Daily    1I’d rather read a blog than an email    0I am part of the #llbs community    2

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