#wewillgather at Nesta

There I was again in a room with Lloyd Davis and a good idea being brought into action. The notion of #wewillgather started last year in the London Riots when Sophie posted a tweet about cleaning up. She went to bed and woke up to find people coming together to clean up.
Silly things called #hashtags brought real people together to do real things. Right now in 2012 London and the UK is riding high on an Olympic games that swiped the Union Jack back from nasty Nick Griffin and a Paralympics that defies anyone to tell a crap disabled joke ever again.

Both events have been awe inspiring and brought forth a London and UK that I am proud to be a part of. #wewillgather is a great opportunity to capture that positive vibe on your doorstep, to get together in a very simple, useful and unstructured way to improve your local communities.

I love Meet Up as it encourages us to “use the internet to get off the internet.” #wewillgather is in the same spirit, simple tweet with the #wewillgather hashtag, your postcode what you want to do and the word “help” (as in help out not mayday) then you will be sent a DM with a page to fill out a few more details.

Who knows what magic will happen when you gather!

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