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Most Marketing is a Waste of Money


Because most marketing messages are unclear, leaving your customers confused and money on the table.

Come and learn the seven elements of ‘story’ that will help you clarify your brand message and sell more.

  • Learn why customers are ignoring your marketing
  • Discover the two things your marketing message has to do to turn traffic into buyers
  • Confidently answer the question, “What do you do?” so people are eager to learn more. ​
  • Grow your business with a clear message that makes customers eager to buy​

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A few painful questions for you…

Are you wasting money on marketing?

Have you dropped a ton of money on a website that’s not getting you, new customers?

Have you not posted on social media all month because you don’t know what to post?

Are you losing sleep over how much you’re spending on Facebook ads?

What if you could spend less on marketing and sell more?

Are your leads losing interest before you ever get to ask for a sale?

Have you resorted to gimmicks or high-pressure tactics?

Is your marketing agency the only one making money off your ads?

Do people even understand what you’re selling?

It’s ok! Your fellow London Coworking Assembly Community is here to help.

Join your, coworking peers, at

“How to Sell More Using the 7 Elements of Story in Your Marketing”

it will be the most valuable two hours you spend on your business all year, well this month!

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Event Program

Bernie will do a 20-minute talk on the 7 Parts of Story, followed by a group exercise to help you come up with a ‘one-liner’ to clarify your message.

There will be lots of interaction, connecting and learning as a group.

What you’ll Walk Away with

  • Practical Marketing Tips​
  • Learn how to talk about what you do so customers will listen and take action. No more guessing about what works.​
  • A One-Liner!
  • How you respond to the question, “What does your company do?”
  • And if your answer confuses or bores people, you’re losing sales.
  • A Clearer Idea of Effective Marketing Plan
  • Leave with an idea of a step-by-step plan you can implement now. Bring in more leads, convert more customers and make more money.

Space is limited

‘RSVP ASAP’ to make sure you get a seat to demystify marketing and make more money.

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