We don’t care because we don’t have to.

It has taken 6 months of asking, arguing, chasing, tweeting, emailing and texting to get an answer the differs from “computer says no” from Talk Talk.

The quick story is that after finally being out in touch with the CEO via a contact I was “heard”.
Then the problem was sorted in less than thirty minutes and by someone soooooo nice I want them to be Godmother to my next child.

This is not really a “triumph” for me. I am not feeling smug and a winner. I am thinking why did it take so long to get a result? This is not just a Talk Talk thing it is a “big company” thing – probably a little company” thing too.”

Also I need I point out that I have had over six years of good service from Talk Talk, not gold star “we send you cup cakes on your birthday and put chocolates on your pillow” service but nothing went wrong for six years. THAT IS GOOD.

All the way through I was thinking of a story by Seth Godin about airline staff whose mantra is “we don’t care we don’t have to”.

When I worked in hospitality and events I was really lucky to spend 98% of my time with people who always went the extra mile. It was just a given that we wanted to be helpful and give good service.

Why would you ever want to start an argument with a customer? Sure there were idiots but pointing out they were an idiot helped no one. Most of the time it was seeking what they understood by the situation.

If something went wrong with a drink, a meal or a hotel room you just got them another one. The time it saved arguing and the positive result made everyone happy.

I am really grateful for Talk Talk solving my problem in such a cool way today. But I am sure they must annoy more people than they make happy with the systems they have in place.

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