It seems that you just are not playing the game here in Chania if you don’t have a small table with two chairs and a motorbike outside your shop or cafe.

I was starting to think that maybe everyone has this apparatus because there is a grant from the local government for chair and table buying. “Applicants must provide evidence of back street shop front with a shit motorbike or other two wheeled motorised vehicle. Newly decorated or Ikea – looking shop fronts not not apply.”

This place is great, but I never found the right set of furniture to sit on. I had my book ready to go “Culinary Pleasures” by Nicola Humble – I have been reading it ever since she taught me at University – it is warm and brilliant. I have read nearly 70 books since then (some three times) but all audio. I find it hard to settle to read a physical book.

I thought I’d find that place here, but spoilt for choice of reading spots the right place eluded me. There is will time! The penny dropped as I tried to decide where to sit – starting is harder than anything. I could have stood there in the street and started reading, I could have gone to Starbucks (by mistake) a d read.

On reflection I should have started, well continued as I have been reading it for nearly a decade.
The penny dropped about writing too, just do it. I walk around all day THINKING about writing and getting ready.

If I had sat at the first table I came to it would have generated an experience, even if someone had told me to fuck off out of their chair I would have had a story to tell!