The Win: You’ll be able to keep track of all your projects at the same time, across multiple Trello boards and gives you back a feeling of control.

The Pain: Once you start using Trello in earnest, you automatically end up with lots of boards. It can become difficult to keep track of what you should be doing where and to get insight into all your projects without having to switch between boards all the time. As a result you miss important tasks and become an inefficient manager.

Possible solution(s):

This question comes up time and again in conversation and during our Trello workshops. I personally have about 80 Trello boards and it can get a bit overwhelming.

Without going into a complete overhaul of your personal planning, project management and time management philosophy, here are a few simple things you can do to get on top of the situation:

  1. Start assigning cards and use due dates. This will greatly help Trello help you find what you and others in the team need to work on next.
  2. Use your profile view to get a quick view of all your cards across all the boards. This will only work if the cards are assigned to you! Can also filter by due date.
  3. Become a Trello search guru and let Trello help you find the right cards. By member, by due date, across all your boards. In combination with starred boards this works even better. And if you use Trello Gold or Business Class, you can save your searches! This could become the de-facto organisational hub for your work.