Top Ten reasons why people don’t join TAGtribe:-


Top Ten reasons why people don’t join TAGtribe:-  
1. There is no badge to wear, not even after 10 years of participation.
2. There are no member discounts, offers or affiliate programs.
3. You don’t get a crap binder with a TAGtribe logo to take to mindless meetings.
4. You can’t become an area director or buy a franchise.
5. There is no clear way of ever getting any business from TAGtribe.
6. There is no hero leader to worship, reference regularly or book they have written to buy.
7. There are no rules to hide behind, you just show up and be yourself.
8. You won’t need to put “proud member of TAGtribe” at the end of your email signature.
9. It does not cost enough.
10. There is no access to 1000’s & 1000’s of members in a “global” network.

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