Top Ten actions to get the best out of The Late Late Breakfast Show! #llbs


We want you all to get the most fun, value and connections from your participation.  

Here are the Top Ten actions you can take – before, during and after the event.

1. Be there – start the conversation early using #llbs on-line.
2. Don’t stick your business card to other peoples foreheads or assume they’d love to receive your 42 page PDF brochure or be added to your mailing list.
3. Join Likesourselves to connect quicker at the event. We are testing this again, it is fast to join and quick to find people on the night. Likesourselves Mobile Apps are available in the App store, all is explained on their site.
4. Check into the The Late Late Breakfast Show venue on Foursquare.
5. Really hard, this one… be yourself, don’t elevator pitch other people!
6. Use the #llbs tag – comment on the speakers & event. Don’t be nasty – but do be honest!
7. Introduce other people to each other to help break the ice quickly – a big part of this event are brilliant people meeting brilliant people – the sooner this happens the better!
8. Arrive early to create the atmosphere – doors open at 6pm – main event 6:45pm – 7:45pm
9. Watch the “Speech Odyessey” video and share it click here. 
10. Follow up – you’d be amazed at how many collaberations come out of this event!

Make it happen!


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