Top 10 Reasons NOT to go to the London @MeetUp Organisers Group – EVER!

Hello London Meet Up Organisers

This is a heads up about the Organisers Meet Up next Monday in the Talk Talk customer experience centre in Soho from 6:30pm

Please don’t come if you don’t need to otherwise it will be a waste of your valuable time and Talk Talk’s tasty coffee and cakes.

Top 10 reasons why you don’t need to join in:-

1.    You can always can find a venue with no problem.

2.    Have a less than 30% no show rate to your Meet Up.

3.    You have too many people in your Meet Up and you like them all.

4.    You have sponsors, funding and it is not costing you anything personally to run your Meet Up.

5.    You know how to use all the functions on the Meet Up site, SEO, Google analytics, Url tracking and how to use your          own domain name.

6.    You have a plan and vision for your Meet Up for the next 12 months and you are on track.

7.    Have all your group communication working – email, facebook, twitter, telephone and blog etc.

8.    You don’t like other people in London who organise groups based on interest.

9.    Have a fear of collaborating with likeminded people in case they discover your weak spot and can help you.

10.  You only come to these events when the drink is free and big shot speakers show up who you think you can pitch to.

Please come and join the ever evolving London Meet Up Organisers community where you are welcome to contribute and learn at the same time.

Click here for next Mondays session on using Blogging for you group.


So what is it with people that put themselves up for getting people together and don’t? #justsaying 

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