Should I write the title first?

Ok so I’ll come clean, I have been thinking about this post all week. It was partly written and I was ready to go and then I was not.

The one I had ready to go would have been way better than the crap you are going to read now, don’t say I did not warn you. In fact I don’t really know where to begin.

So I’ll begin here.

Sometime last year me, Andy and Mitch were hanging out at Google in London and Mitch started talking about writers block and James Altucher – actually it was not about James getting writers block, I think this is the least of his worries. It was the Seth Godin riff about ‘we don’t get talkers block, so how come we get writers block?’

I have heard this many times before and it was only this time that I had the ‘hit me right between the eyes’ sensation, Mitch then spoke about James and how he ‘cuts his wrists on the blog page’ – this was the comeback smack round the back of the head for me.

I had been pissing about with my blog for years, so long I dare not tell you. It should be up to 1000 posts by now but I have been posting everyday and then not and then started writing, gone to make a coffee and come back and it is 7 months later. What if XXXX reads my blog and realises that I did not use her tip on page 106 of her book and what is Seth finds out I use his line ‘I am not sure what you can do with this but here you go.’


Nothing will happen and nothing did happen, either way nothing happened. I did not blog like I wanted and those people did not come – because they were never going to come anyway.

Here I am with my easy to use new website for 2015 and a deep commitment to just write, everyday without fail. It is the 7th day of January and I am already five days behind. Nothing to do with lack of time, ideas, ability to produce or extenuating family circumstances, it is just sheer ‘oh I forgot’.

One HUGE thing is that if I write in the morning it takes 10 seconds, is really funny and is done. If I leave it until the mid afternoon like I did today I am fucked. Of course I can write at that time of day, I can do anything I want. However, thinking and concentrating in the afternoon is a lost cause for me. I can tell you about everyone in my twitter stream today and nothing about how many posts I shipped.

While resting here in Buenos Aires I have been looking at what matters everyday and what makes up the end goal, I have doubled down on podcasting and got shot of all the mailchimp email making, event planing and stopped playing at being a community manager and made a point to get shit hot at blogging and podcasting. So this time next year I’ll have 376 blog posts on this blog here.

I am VERY motivated by this, every time I posted a blog or send an email newsletter last year something happened and I did not even do it really well. So I am am sure things will work even better this year after all I have spent the last year building muscle in

Tomorrow I’ll tell you a few things you need to know if you are coming along for the ride.

One question. Should I write the title first?

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