The London superswarm team

When I started this project I knew I would not be able to do this type of event by myself and that I would meet / pickup / bump into / be approaced by the best people. And I was right.

As this is to be a foursquare community driven activity, I did not want to put in place any marketing, public relations, event management or any other specialised support people who will just see this as a job or task. I wanted people who know foursquare and have already been very vocal about the experience and the usage benefits. 

It did not take long for me to spot @UnicornRW. For those that don’t know Rebecca, her voice on foursquare both personally and professionaly has been very active over the months.  From a user perspective she leaves more tips and checks in to more places than I have seen. Plus she puts a lot into the app and passes on her knowledge of places to others.


It  was clear that we needed one of the heads of the foursquare community be part of this project, and to the benefit of us all, part of our team.

While catching up with Rebecca at the last #SMMo with Barry Furby and Bernie Mitchel, <if these guys join the push we will be half way there>. I bumped into @foursquaregames (aka @rheaj) and her energy is a driving force. Currently with nearly 300 friends on foursquare, she is using this app to really create that community spirit. Rhea also runs a blog over at which keeps the community informed. Great to have her on the team too.


And finally but i am sure not the last @matt_hodkinson owner of the Agency Influence Agents very much a firm supporter of the Geo world and some very good contacts over at foursquare USA.  On a private matter he is also part of creating his own swarm badge at the Gray Hound on Kew Green. This good local support to  “check in” via your Smartphone offer, and claim a free glass of champagne and canape’s!  is delivering good results on that local level and is offering good support back to the community and all this for his local.  If anybody is near the area on Friday then pop along. Nice work Matt

In his spare time he likes to appear on the BBC also


Until this point I had never heard of or met any of these people but they are all positive about helping to bring the superswarm badge to the community.



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  1. Chris – happy to publicise this event – if you need a sponsor may be able to help.
    Definitely will be down for it so will meet up with you , Rebecca and a host of others. Robert

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