The little red cup

This is what I drink Yerba Matè from (Argentine tea) and this little red one is the latest addition to our collection.

It is really important.
1. it is from our friend in Argentina.
2. it arrived on the eve of two life changing weeks for me.
3. It is a new habit.

Life changing weeks, part one is coming to Greece and resting, I had to stop, unplug and recharge. So far 2013 is zooming at 100 miles an hour in the right direction, which is great because 2012 sucked.

I completely crashed at the end of 2012, and have been on medication and in therapy ever since. Please do cry for me (Argentina) this is a good thing, one day I had stop and come to my senses and it is just a shame I had to get so sick to realise.

I am not out the woods yet but I am working well. I am slowing down, getting more focused and managing life better. Now nearly all of me arrives in the room at the same time, before I had one foot in tomorrow and another in the last event when I was looking at you in this meeting.

Writing and writing and writing has been great, the first 10,000 words were so, so, so Lord knows what they were, like a pizza made with topping taken from every isle in the supermarket (including home-wear and clothes).

Now somehow my head as arrived at the ability to hit “publish” a bit more often. Don’t know why I could not before but hey! Here we are now.

I’ll publish life changing week two tomorrow. You can hold me to it.

Habits? I read it is easier to start a new habit than break an old one, I am prepared to believe that as it sounds more positive than stopping.


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