The journey begins – how to get a foursquare superswarm badge

It’s easy really, just get 250 people together in the same room with a smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm and even web enabled phones); get them all to check in over a three hour period and it’s done – you get the happy badge:


It’s as simple as that. Or is it???

In the USA there have been a number of superswarm badges and the first 20 are listed here. But there has still not been one achieved in the UK.

But we have big events. Even if we look at recent big gatherings in the UK, such as the Pope in his recent visit to Hyde Park in London, could not manage it; and according to the Telegraph there were 80,000 people there. We also have big football matches each week with the major clubs’ stadiums holding over 30,000 people (with Manchester United going up to 75,957). Surely there must be enough smartphone users to get 250 of them to press a button within a time frame?  But still it has not happened and this got me thinking…Hmmm could I get 250 people together? 

Well, let’s see 🙂 


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