The aeroplane community……

I have yet to put my finger on it, there is something about a plane ride that is both beautifully and peculiarly social.

Maybe it is because you fall asleep with two hundred people you have never met before?
Or you eat three meals out a plastic container in a confined space with complete strangers?
Maybe the person next to me will take too much? Maybe we won’t talk enough and they will think I don’t like them?
I always worry that I will snore in my sleep and the stranger next to me will suffer (I always highlight this danger and give them full permission to poke me in the eye.)
The beautifully social part is that we are all on a journey together, flying is still a very cool thing to be able to do, just by being together in a machine in the sky creates some sort of bond.
Take Off And Landing
The ritual of lining up to board starts the bonding the final “bond” is when the safety message is read – here we kind of agree to take on responsibility for each other.
I think the atmosphere on a long haul is always different from a short hall, people are more considerate as they know they will spend longer together.When people land in Argentina they clap and cheer, we have made it together and are happy to be here.

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  1. I know exactly what your mean. It’s a comfortable space to be in, surprisingly human. I suppose it’s the shared purpose, even if it’s only for a matter of hours.

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