Thanks for sharing #LLBS

I don’t know what I was thinking – usually I am making people tweet at events. However, after Social Media Week my enthusiasm has been quelled. What really got me laughing was the tumbler blog (I’ll find the link) that ruthlessly “added comment” to people’s tweets.

If you are worried about looking good, someone disagreeing or having a swipe stay home. 

That blog is a million miles away from bullying. It is for people (like me) with their heads so far up their internet arse they don’t know water does not always come in bottles. 

I heard people were campaigning (not sure to what extent) about “the evil SMWldn blog” (BTW it is worth noting the Chinwag crew got the irony and were NOT calling the Internet Police).
It is BOLLOX that people campaign  about that and step over people in the street. 

The step over people in the street line and the SMWldn rant are spurred by tonight’s Late Late Breakfast Show. I woke up phased this morning and falling over myself. Of course nothing was wrong and I quickly got it together.

Tonight left me with my head straighter than ever, I felt like I had caused a collision of people that resulted in a combination emerging never have noticed if you’d dangled it in front of my face before hand. 

There is more to come.
But I am going to have to sleep on it.

Thanks everyone 🙂
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