TEDx and Music

So there we were half way through TEDx and it was all going well, then Marisa pops on stage and starts talking about music. 

I have recently been on a mission after discovering musomap via twitter, We needed something to pull together a section of Global Sharing Day and this was it. Funny what shows up when you need it.

So Tessa Marchington sails on about how can connect with music and share music, then she mentions the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra which is conducted by Daniel Barenboim an Argentine of Israel decent, he leads an Orchestra compiled of people from both sides of the track.

I recall watching a BBC documentary about this and having a huge lump in my throat, musicians talked of their connection with each other and the music. Sometimes it is easy to hear an orchestra play and not really see who is playing in it – 5 violins, how do you stand out? Maybe you don’t, you job is to be connected to the others.

One of the things Tessa does is run choirs in companies, she described is how music brings people together and that a PA can be singing next to the CMO – singing really does enable you to let you heart out, we sing and dance at home with #babybernie it is fun and liberating.

You can make secret connections with music, in Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead Brian Halligan describes how he went to a “Dead” concert shortly after starting with a firm in NYC, he saw some senior people getting down at the concert and said hello, they’d made a connection.

I am really moved by Tessa’s talk and then she invites her friend on stage do an exercise with the audience.

The exercise went on for a good five minutes and was brilliant! Here is my clip from my mobile. You will be able to get the full thing here when the video’s go live.

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