#techandtaste Food Parcel’s & Blogging


Where were you when #techandtaste happened? This is what people will ask you in years to come!

This blogging event rocked, it quickly engaged with a key group of people from different walks of life, all brought together by their words and their Internet.

This is why I LOVE blogging and blogger events, the last Blog Camp event saw “mummy bloggers” a group of particularly amazing people brought together by the Internet. London Bloggers Meet Up has consistently pulled together an eclectic mix of people who all ‘practice their art’ by blogging.

Maybe it is just me and my rose tinted glasses, I always find bloggers more connected, willing to share and I learn so much. Almost everything I have put into practice about blogging commercially and personally can be traced back to Meet Ups I have attended.

The picture above is the arrival of the food parcel for the goats cheese recipes I eagerly volunteered to post about at. The parcel arrived and we made goats cheese everything for a few weeks, stay tuned for the recipes and how thy turned out.


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