Take It To The Mat And Pull The Trigger

Sorry to keep you.
So there I was dicking around about which pearl of my infinite wisdom to share with you today.
Sorry to keep you. I had a lot on, like checking every blog about blogging on the planet to be sure I was doing it right.
Then I had to check a page on my website that even I don’t look at, so no one like you is going to take a glance.
By this time I was so fucking bored with my attitude I was going to set fire to myself as a diversion.
Life is urgent
Over the last few years as I swam uphill in a heady mixture of honey and tar to successfully escape my depression it became clear making a decision and taking action is significantly more helpful than double doubting myself.
Doubting everything is exhausting, I gleefully tell everyone “I have so much more energy since I changed my diet!”
Really I the energy boost is because I trained myself to side step double doubting, over thinking and massaging every fucking aspect of my crap little life before I take a step forward.
Take It To The Mat And Pull The Trigger
Particularly in 2016 I have pulled the trigger and got on with it more than any other time in my life.
And I really do mean, any other time in my life – ever.
Apart from the time I fell in love and got married, but that is another blog.
Where was I?
So when Christina posted her blog about blogging and I asked to join in I had not thought it through properly.
I was not ready, I had to get set up, file the paper work, get my visa, pack my bag, feed the rhinoceros and varnish my boat.
We’re Ready To Pull The Trigger
So now I am ready, well I was always ready, it is more accurate to write I have now felt the fear and I’m doing it anyway.
It has only been about a decade since I first posted a blog and thought “I could get used to doing this every day.”
I love writing every day, I’ve written over 750,000 words in 750words.com.
I love posting and seeing what will happen, often nothing happens and that is the point.
There are over 400 blogs and more than 100 podcasts hiding on this website you are reading this on, of course a chunk of them are “less than useful” but that is how I got this far.
This far is where I am now.
This far is where I am now, and I have noticed that creating blogs, podcasts, emails, events, courses, workshops way before I am ready is the best way of learning how to do it.
Sure I’ve had some very sticky moments, even wildly irresponsible risks and ‘claims of ability’ particularly in my corporate event managing days – but I never heard of anyone dying as a result of my action. Sorry if I pissed you off around that time.
Rapid Prototyping 
The more I create the more I find out what works, so here is today’s big thing: I am going to post on this blog everyday until I don’t anymore.
I have been thinking about how this would work for YEARS and of course the only way to find out is to do it.
I know it is going to work, in fact I will have more time and head space by doing so. I always wanted a blog and not a marketing machine, all the blogs I have been reading over the last decade are the open, honest, vulnerable ones.
Tweaking this site.
I have figured out how to make this work on this site. Most people land here to find out about content, Coworking, Trello and productivity – that is the useful stuff.
I will choose some tags and categories so people who want to read me crying into my hankie everyday can find it and the helpful stuff will hang out on the front page.
I already feel better about this. Later this month we start a “Working Out Loud” group at our Coworking space in London, so bearing my soul here to you, my reader, is a good way to get in shape for when that happens.
Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow! 
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