#TAGtribe Member Blog – @CasualFilms play host to the #EastEndFilmFestival on Bank Holiday Monday #llbs

Remember when the East End was all jellied eels, chimney sweeps and regional stereotypes? Well no, you probably don’t, because the only time that’s been the case has been in musical theatre, namely Oliver and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Me Old Bamboo is truly legendary), and now the East End of London is the home of next years Olympics, half of London’s creative industry and, most importantly of all, the 10th Annual East End Film Festival.

It is, of course, a showcase for all the exciting new film making talent that’s out there both locally, nationally and around the world, but more than that the EEFF provides a platform for a celebration of all the arts and for practitioners to not only display their expertise but to share it with others at seminars, master classes and special events. It really is a very exciting business, and it’s already started, so if you’re looking to avoid the Royal Wedding hubbub or you just want to get your culture on then check out the website EEFF and get yourself Eastwards.

One location you might recognize is the Casual Office, because on Monday we’re playing host to a festival within the festival – the London Kurdish Film Festival. The Kurdish are a hardy nation of millions who have no country, and many of them have made London their home. Want to know what a Kurdish film looks like? Well come visit us on Bank Holiday Monday as we’ll be screening a bucket load of their shorts (films, not trousers) as part of Movie May Day – it beats just going down the pub and singing Roll Out The Barrel round the old Joanna…

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