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Slow is fast and fast is slow

You go to a ‘networking event’ and walk out with 10 new best mates. Or do you?

You race home and hook up LinkedIn and they email you their 42 page PDF brochure suggesting it would be a good idea to ‘keep in touch.”
Everything seems great.
Then you receive a suspiciously chirpy follow up email a few days later.
Office furniture salesmen (men not women) seem thrive lines like, “If you know anyone in a business that has an office I’d be happy to talk to them.”

What is “keeping in touch” anyway?
If you can’t sell someone something it is probably a really good idea to see them again, don’t invite them to your daughters wedding after knowing them for a week, that would be weird.
By being part of a community or group means you grow to know people over time.
Only then can you work out who you would be prepared to introduce them to.
And lets be honest – that might be no one, anywhere – ever.

In a community you save the agony of being all insincere about ‘keeping in touch’ just because you are looking for new business.
People don’t give out their best connections before the butter has melted on the toast at breakfast.

If you ever go to a meeting or event where someone can connect you to everyone you need  — run. Very fast.

With people slow is fast and fast is slow.

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