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IT services for any sized business is core to the productivity of the company. If people are unable to use their computer applications efficiently; if email or network servers fail; or people don’t receive timely support, then ultimately the performance of the company suffers.  

Outsourcing is a popular choice for small and medium sized companies that want a variable cost model for their business, rather than the fixed costs that hiring an in house IT department brings.

Small businesses find it difficult to justify the cost of hiring one or two technical people to support their ICT needs. They also do not have the workload for a full time person, which leads to boredom, unnecessary technical evaluations (techy playtime) and often staff retention issues.
Medium sized businesses can outsource their whole IT department. This means they move from a fixed cost model to variable costs, which is particularly beneficial in the current economic climate. Technical employees also benefit because suddenly they are working in a technical company who place a high level of importance in their technical development and exciting new projects.

For Large businesses outsourcing means that they can pass the essential but mundane operations over to the outsource partner, such as network management, helpdesk and server operations. They can use their outsourcing partner for specialist skills that they do not have in-house and may only require occasionally.
Five steps to successful outsourcing

  1. Understand your own business first
  2. Be clear about your aims
  3. Define your requirements clearly
  4. Select your service provider carefully
  5. Manage the contract afterwards

Of course ihotdesk offer a range of services that can be customised to meet your specific needs.


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