#TAGtribe Blog – “Accelerated Serendipity” with @likeourselves at #llbs


Coming up on May 17th Late Late Breakfast Show the mighty @likeourselves will be sharing how their cool little gizmo delivers “Accelerated Serendipity” so you can connect with people like-your-selves.


This mobile service has it’s roots in finding people with similar interests around you that you don’t yet know.

We love it here at TAGtribe because we are want to help people connect faster in real life at our events. (We love to break the ice without an elevator pitch.)

It goes beyond ‘join the conversation’ to ‘have a conversation’

What is available?
The ambition for the Late Late Breakfast Show event is to have lots of you join in.
By logining on you will meet the people you need to meet quicker on the night. 

 Why won’t it work? When no one uses it won’t work. When people join in it will initiate a behavioural change and whole new level of connection.

Where do I join? Click here to sign up for free 

It really only takes a few minutes to sign up with no need to enter your life story.

So to recap… @likeourselves brings people together to meet and talk in the real world using mobiles. It does this in a way that will be familiar to Twitter users who both follow others and build their own following.

Tap Tap Tap & You are done! – click here to sign up for free

Go there – make it happen!

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  1. cheers for the explanation dude, been wondering what it was all about. See you tonight and looking forward to meeting @likeourselves

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