How To Market Your Coworking Space The Simple Way ​

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You shouldn’t be thinking why you started it the first place. ​

Your Coworking Business should bring you money, not problems! ​

Putting up any business should bring you excitement and of course, ROI. If that’s not the case, you MUST make a move!​

Reveal the Real Value of Coworking

STOP focusing on outgrowing members. Catch valuable leads that promote growth of your space.

Maximize your ROI

STOP wasting money on Sales techniques that don’t work. Learn how to create opportunities for networking and collaboration via events and seminars.

Build a Growing Community within your Space

STOP worrying on how you can attract loyal members, build them by maintaining an ambiance that promotes productivity and social wellness.

Hello, I’m Bernie

I struggled with failed marketing before. But that doesn’t mean other Coworking Space owners and operators like you should have too. ​

I’m always seeking a deeper understanding of how people share space and work and learn together.

I’ve been teaching Coworking spaces on how to create thriving business communities through podcasting, seminars, events, skills and workshops.

If you want to build an impactful and interesting community, I’d love to help you tell your story.

For over a decade I’ve been building and participating in business communities, networks and Coworking spaces.

Engaging People
Bernie Mitchell Story Brand Coach

Pricing Plan

How to Get Started


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Book a discovery call with me. If you’re in London, we can meet up personally and coffee is on me!


Let’s Chat

Book a discovery call with me. If you’re in London, we can meet up personally and coffee is on me!


Choose your Path​

You’re not tied to any contract nor lose any dime. You can either choose to continue or simply say ‘thank you’.

Still not sure if this is for you?

Do any of these, sound like you?

Marketing is complicated

Anything is complicated if not done correctly, my services will help you understand the ins and outs of marketing your Coworking Business without complicated marketing lingos.

Marketing is Expensive!

Paying for marketing that gives you an ROI is always an investment. That’s why I offer a complimentary call so you’ll know if my service fits your business needs.

I’m closing down my Coworking Business.

Whatever the reason behind closing down your Coworking space, think about your decision again, there are 4.8 million self-employed workers in the UK and not all of them are sold to working at home all the time. There are 20-30% surge of freelancers in the UK yearly which means potential growth to your Coworking Space in the next year or so. We can look at your business plan and recreate a new goal for your Coworking Business.

This Pandemic negatively affected my Coworking Business.

Ours too! But we’re still running smooth and confidently working hand in hand with other Coworking Spaces. You’re not alone and this is the main reason why you have to revisit your marketing plan with someone who knows exactly what you’re going through as a Coworking Space owner or operator.

The competition is stiff and I don’t know where to start.

Every business involves competition, if yours doesn’t have it, it might not be a profitable one. You don’t even have to find someone who will ask you to tell your whole life story, all you need is an easy 3-step get started plan – which is what I offer!

What’s Your Investment?

Exclusive 90-Day Marketing Plan​

£245/per month
Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied at the end of the call.​
An hour of unlimited questions about your coworking business concerns.​
Real-time feedback and assessment.​
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“Bernie’s marketing plans do not involve shouting messages at people in the hope that they will be interested or inspired; instead he has quickly and efficiently put us face to face with new stakeholders and helped clarify and expand our relationship with existing ones. Bernie is a remarkable addition to any marketing team, and I recommend him without reservation.”​

Jeannine Van Der Linden
European Coworking Assembly​

“Bernie has worked with me in a very unique way being a very public persona for my business’ development and I’m impressed with his ability to rise to the tasks at hand regularly. He partnered with me in a way that required him to learn about a new topic that he had previously little to no experience with and has become an expert now in his own right.”​

Brandon Freund​

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