Market Your Coworking Space: The Simple Way

Marketing plan exclusively for your coworking space

Send the Right Message​

Make the most of your website​

Build a Thriving Coworking Space ​

Grow and Transform your Coworking space.

Coworking Marketing Strategy built just for YOUR Coworking Space.

Send the Right Message

Send a clear and right message that resonates with your target market. Start growing your space by catching valuable leads and attracting the right members your way

Make the most of your website

Start maximizing the use of your website and reach more people. Create engaging content and implement a simple sales and marketing plan that works to achieve your goal.

Build a thriving coworking space

Create a thriving Coworking space with room to grow your community. Provide opportunities for building a network, for learning and an encouraging environment for your members.

Current marketing not working and coworking growth slowing down?

It’s time to ditch what’s not working and get on with a marketing plan that will get your coworking space the wins it deserves.

Start focusing on what’s your core and build your coworking community.

Attract new members to your space and let your coworking business thrive with a simple and effective marketing plan.

Bernie J Mitchell

Certified StoryBrand Guide

Hello, Bernie here.

I've been developing and engaging in business communities, networks, and coworking spaces for over a decade.

Through podcasting, seminars, events, skills, and workshops, I've been educating Coworking spaces how to create thriving coworking communities with a deeper understanding of how people share space and work and learn together.

I'd love to help you tell your story if you want to create an engaging and impactful community.

Online Audio Course

£ 129 One-Time
  • Worksheet to go with the audio course
  • Everything is delivered via Soundwise on the audio app.

Take a Workshop

£ 650 One-Time
  • Team or individual half-day workshops in marketing strategies to choose from.
  • Outline your vision for the next 12 months of your coworking community growth. ​
  • In person or online workshop (connected calendar)

Online Event Coordination

(Webinars, Podcast hosting/production)

  • Inclusive services from setting up to post-event full analytics
  • Email list of all registered participants
  • Email list of all live attendees

There are a lot of marketing strategies you can use, but you’ll win by picking one and actually doing it.

The question is, which strategies or combination of them will work well for your coworking space?

Who I worked with

Velvet Platform


Urban MBA

Cowork Tools

London Coworking Assembly

What They Say

Jeannine (Marlar) van der Linden
Jeannine (Marlar) van der Linden European Coworking Assembly

"Bernie's marketing plans do not involve shouting messages at people in the hope that they will be interested or inspired; instead he has quickly and efficiently put us face to face with new stakeholders and helped clarify and expand our relationship with existing ones. Bernie is a remarkable addition to any marketing team, and I recommend him without reservation."

Brandon Freund
Brandon Freund

"Bernie has worked with me in a very unique way being a very public persona for my business' development and I'm impressed with his ability to rise to the tasks at hand regularly. He partnered with me in a way that required him to learn about a new topic that he had previously little to no experience with and has become an expert now in his own right."