So tell me ten things about your business….

Why do you do what you do? How did you get into it? Who have you helped best? What are the things to watch out for in your industry? What mistakes do people make when buying your product or service? What else should they look at? What else is there in the marketplace they could consider that is better suited to them?

Top TenIf we got trapped in a lift together you’d be able to tell me at least ten things. Often I meet people who say they can’t write, don’t know how to talk, sell, breath or anything else that keeps you alive yet when you get them on “their topic” and they are away. I have met people that are so passionate about plastic wrapping, financial modelling spreadsheets or carbon fibre bike frames you can’t fail to be enthused.

With their brand of geekiness these people can change your life, but sometimes these people represent themselves online in such a poor manner you’d be on their website less than ten seconds before killing yourself. People go to web sites to find out things, if there is nothing there guess what?

A favorite stunt of mine is to get people to set up a blog, write top ten things about their industry or business take a photo on their phone, upload that and post it. Most people can do this in less than 20 minutes and the hard part is never the technology, it is the “committing something to paper” (or the screen) and sharing it. People are scared of what will happen if another human being sees their “art”. Hell’s teeth, people might think I know something…..

Remind me to tell you about the man who blogged his way to a million!

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