SME 2.0? Saving London from crap Social Media advice #llbs



What is that mystical category of business that is ‘The SME’? It seems to range from Alan in his attic in Angel to Alan Sugar in his atrium in Canary Wharf. 

Here at TAGtribe we have seen SME’s everywhere getting their knickers in a twist with that early 21st Century phenomena called Social Media; finally our souper hero mates Mitchell andSmallwood could tolerate it no more.

The Enemy

Done with watching people kamikaze themselves on facebook, ply the twitter world with noisy trite offers, set up £10k websites because some numbskull web designer does not know what WordPress is, join 17,000 groups on LinkedIn and pay some ‘eggspert’ a monthly retainer to teach them how to set up a profile. Then worst of all – cry into their Daily Mail because they have 20,000 followers on twitter who are not in the right country and an empty order book.

It was too much, something had to be done! Mitchell & Smallwood can now look those charity people with clip boards by Holborn tube in the eye and say “like you, we are doing our bit to save the World; we are saving London from crap Social Media advice!”

What is SME 2.0?

SME 2.0 is the monthly session for TAGtribe members; the purpose is for ‘the community to build the community’ both on and off line. It provides a space for peer to peer feedback on getting marketing messages in the right place at the right time. Because it is a close community setting it is safe to ask “the social media question you dare not ask elsewhere” also people can feed back on “What a great idea that was” or, more often than not… “Don’t do that it sucked!” Most importantly there is no ‘Selling Social media hype’ like timeshare’s in the eighties too many people have been ‘sold social media’.

What is TAG Tribe?

The TAGtribe community is about connections, collaborations and resources, membership is two monthly events. TAG tribe then helps members organise their own mastermind group.

It is un-networky, un-conferency, un-salesy, under-priced and not fun at all, it is very possible you might meet someone who does the same work as you.

No badges, no pyramid membership directors, no cult zombies, no cheesy membership sales people.

It is quite possible membership does not have its privileges…

However, if Carlsberg did business groups…..

Oh look there is one of those ‘call to action’ sections that always suck you in.

Warning! Impending event close….

SME 2.0 is a member only event; of course you can pay the eye wateringly expensive annual membership fee of £120 and come along next Tuesday.

Are you in? – Click this link here and select the “joinme” ticket and we will be in touch.

The Late Late Breakfast Show is also included in TAG tribe membership or £10 a head if you just want to come along when it works for you, this event rides again in September 2010.

(SME 2.0 logo by @GraphicClinic)

As always blog comments welcome…

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  1. Hi Bernie – I won’t comment on the quality of the content, as it wouldn’t really be ‘cricket’… (?) however, I think ‘we’ have to consider that our subjective opinion could also be perceived as ‘crap’ – beauty is, after all – in the eye of the beholder 😉

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