Sitting at a railway station, I’ve got a ticket for my destination……

I feel like I am home again this week. 
I spend my best time At Work Hubs in Euston and 90 Mainyard in Hackney.

(If you are still pissing about in Starbucks come and join us here)

Life was absolute fucking torture in the last few weeks. I thought I had it all worked out and seemed to neglect the fact my health was “below par” – feeling good again for 6 hours in a row is not a cure.

Before I knew it I’d committed to 15 things everyday before 10am. 

One thing writing this blog has taught me is to stop beating myself up.
Beating myself up was not something I had scheduled in my google calendar but it was eating A LOT of time.

I read The Now Habit about procrastination and it directly pointed out that procrastination uses up the same, if not more energy that just getting in with it.

I agreed right away and then walked around with the thought in my head for two months. Then before I know it I had said yes to 7 million things and was about to die. I was angry at the world for only giving me 24 hours a day, an amazing wife, an amazing child, an amazing pile of books to read and places to be.

Somewhere in the blog is a less is more post. Somewhere in the last 6 years of this blog is some gloating “I have it sorted” post about organising everything.

The reality of the situation and what I learnt from Social Media Week (SMW)

This blog was one of the best things about  Social Media Week in London.
It upset so many people I made sure I tweeted it before my events to save people from themselves.

I had stuff to finish before SMW and was soooooo busy preparing for SMW that I did not get it done. Then right after SMW was Late Late Breakfast Show and I was drowning under everything.

Do you know what I did? It was amazing. I thought I am going to totally loose my head in about 30 seconds. I started saying no.
I have had a few speaking opportunities drift my way recently and have turned them down. Not because I am too cool to speak there, because my head will fall off and I am somehow side stepping really important stuff.

If you are reading this and are not doing something with me already DON’T ASK me to do anything until January 2014. 
I can’t help myself, I want to help everyone. (Which is as dangerous being a sword swallower with an enthusiastic cocaine habit.)
I am working on some really rewarding projects right now and often the thing standing in the way of them moving faster is saying yes to stuff that is just a crap distraction – even though it is often fun.

There is HUGE agony in sitting down and doing what you actually want to do, so saying yes to bullshit easy stuff is easy.

I am going to shoot off right here and because I set myself a time limit and I have just gone over it by 2 minutes.

Sitting at a railway station, I’ve got a ticket for my destination…… has nothing to do with the content but I had to get going! 😉

Thanks for reading and of course let the typos slide – this was send from my mobile device.

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