Shopping for tourists

I was chatting to a nice man that owned a hotel and he said that high season is hell. 
All the tourist come then. Of course me and my gang are travellers not tourists. I suggested that I like going on holiday but don’t like tourists, even in my home town of London I look at “them” and wonder where they are taking their lead from.

I try so hard not to look like one I probably do. In the same way we work hard to avoid becoming our parents suddenly one day bang! It’s happened.

I am forever looking at tourist shops, who decides the holding stock? Which lines will be big this season? Who designs this shit? Is there a big shop somewhere that prints crap, the same crap is shipped everywhere but just has different stickers? Did a bus load of tourists arrive one day and a small shop sold out of sponges so this shop (one of many) opened in response to the market demand.

I panic internally how these people live, is there 99% profit margin on local ashtrays, tea towels and wooden toys with the name of the town on?

There must be a demand worth maintaining this charade. My theory is that it needs a few people one year to stand up and say “we don’t really want this” and then go on on explain that if it was not there we would not buy it.

I am of course totally right.

I think.

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