A Sentimental Journey Through Spain and Italy #1

I have not done anything all day.

Quite literally I am too excited to move.

Tomorrow #Babybernie and I are off to Italy to a magical little place called “The Rural Hub” for the OuiShare Summit #7.

Around 70 of us from all over the world will sit around and collectively discuss, decide and vote on what the OuiShare community will focus on for the next six months.

I am more in love than ever with the OuiShare community, I missed the OuiShare Fest and was a bit sad. (Mainly sad that it was not rescheduled for when I could go)

The OuiShare Summits are where the community is for me. The daily connections online via Slack, Trello, blogs and now Telegram are where it lives. I find it energising to see how other people are unfolding OuiShare projects in their city.

Bigger and Mass

I was beating myself up about OuiShare London, I thought it would have been bigger by now. I am not sure what ‘bigger’ is – so there is the problem.

I find ‘bigger’ counter intuitive to how I’d like things to be. Bigger is the same as ‘mass’ which I can’t wait to see the end of, or at least a sharp decline.

My way of combatting mass is with podcasting – I realised this last week. There I was walking down the road listening to a podcast about podcasting and one of the hosts said he’d been on shows with 100K listeners and got one or two tweets after then been on a show with 1000 listeners and got lots of engagement and interaction via social media and email after.

In the events and meet ups I have run over the last ten years here in London the small and highly connected ones have been the most rewarding.

Making Social Part of Your DNA” with Andy Bargery and Jacqui Taylor was ‘big’ but we managed to keep it cosy. If you watch the full 7 mins of the video below you’ll see some hardcore TAGtribe and London tech people from 2012! We also raised over £3k for two charities, one of which was Mind Mental Health.

Also the techMAP and London Bloggers Meet Up’s we rewarding – this is because it was a community meet in different ways on a regular basis.

The TAGtribe community was the best connection and then this feeling has been carried through to OuiShare. While OuiShare it a different type of community to TAGtribe a deep connectedness, purpose and learning is there with the core members.

Last bit. Just before I leave on any trip I always get a bit sentimental and gauge where my head is.

Today my head in a very very very good place. In the last few weeks (in fact ever since I collapsed at home while having a phoo) something has shifted in me, I have been screaming inside for it to shift for years and when I had chilled out it suddenly woke up and popped out.

Now I am cooking on gas. Have to run! I’ve got a plane to catch!

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