Why are you so quiet Bernie?

It is not I have gone into a coma, it is that I feel significantly more relaxed and when I don’t feel relaxed I meditate – some times the gap between being ‘edgy’ and un-relaxed is a little larger than I’d like.

One of the best things about 90 Mainyard is the HUGE Olympic Park nearby where you can always find a spot to sit and meditate, snooze or walk around – this is great for your soul and creativity. Not it is hard to find, so I got into waking up early and making meditation the first thing I do, I really wish I had got into this sooner, it has moved from a cool new thing to try to an essential part of the day. I would call it a responsibility more than anything, I am more than aware that I am susceptible to over doing it, under doing it, depression and I have challenges focusing or reading situations – sometimes this is funny, often not and when it is not funny it has an effect on my family, friends and the people I work with – so then it becomes very unfunny.

Also meditation heightens my super-power which is connecting people this super power is not like “building houses” so the more houses I build the more I can sell. I can’t even tell you how it works or what it is worth. As soon as you try to charge for ‘connecting people’ it kills the spirit of the thing and the people that want to ‘pay to get connected’ are lazy and unimaginative.

It turns out that sitting on a chair quietly for twenty minutes everyday is epic for spotting connections between people and projects I never would have expected. In this last month I have honed the art of doing more work by sitting still, doing nothing and thinking.
Before you get too impressed this has not turned me into Einstein or Gandhi, it has just calmed me down and given me more head space, think of it like making a clearing in a forest particularly dense forest to let some light in and and be able to lie down and stretch.
I have not become super human, elite, better looking nor am I going to suddenly going to dinner parties with Anthony Robbins or Richard Branson. I am just calm.

Think of it like this, when you walk out of a night club, shopping centre, argument or close the door on a room full of children with noisy toys you are able to hear yourself think. That is where I have got to by sitting still.

I am starting to think that children with ADHD, dyslexia and all those things would be benefit from meditation more than exclusion and tagging. Before I got a hold on ‘being a dyslexic’ it was a tag, label, deficiency and I treated it that way. “I am always late because I am dyslexic” actually for me personally everything in my head was hectic and running at 100 miles an hour, I thought that taking mountains of drugs would help sort this out, when I say sort this out I mean make connections.

It turns out for me it is the total opposite. Sitting quietly, writing and not drinking coffee works wonders for making connections and getting clarity. I am very sure the best way to do more is to do less, this is what focus is and as I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o’er vales and hills, I keep remembering all the times at school or on a job where I have been asked to learn 4000 things all at the same time.

School is a good thing. Most of what we are taught there is REALLY badly thought out – still. At the end of the 19th Century when people started getting sent to school and we had a couple of World Wars scheduled and were settling into life after an industrial revolution, MAYBE that model of education was ok – now going to school to learn how to keep a job, which is what we are still doing, is a waste of everyone’s time.

I have not got the answer right here, sorry this is more of a prod and thinking out loud. Recently I have plucked up the courage to say what I am thinking rather than ‘crowd please’ or ‘provoke with out thinking’ to avoid what I really am thinking.

Anyway I have to run! I have a plane to catch.

One more thing…

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