Theo Wozniak-Kay: Making the Most out of Instagram

Hello folks! We have another fun episode for you here at How To Market Your Coworking Space: The Simple Way. 

Our guest this time is Theo Wozniak-Kay or Miss Insta Boss as her followers know her. She’s an Instagram manager, trainer, and content creator. She will be sharing with us the basics of using Instagram and how you can use it to boost your social media presence as a Coworking space. 

Podcast Highlights:

  • It really depends on the nature of your business and where your audience is. But if you’re, if you’re not on Instagram, ideal advice just trying it and seeing what you, what you would get out of it. Um, and look at people in your niche and see what they get out of it. 3:02
  • Between three and seven times a week. So the bare minimum is three. And if you’re crazy, then you can do seven. Depending on how much time you have, depending on what you want to get out of Instagram, depending on the way you engage. But three is the minimum. Seven is obviously a maximum and I wouldn’t totally advise post posting multiple times in a day. 08:01
  • When you write a caption, the first line has to be a hook, a title or something to get people to read on, because the way that caption shows you probably notice this is that you only really see the first line of a caption. So you want people to click read more and read the rest of it. 9:32


Miss Insta Boss

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