Tash and Marthe: Inclusion, Diversity and Social Media Visibility

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to yet another episode of How to Market Your Coworking Space: The Simple way, which is the sweetest smelling Coworking advisory podcast on the face of the planet.

For this episode, we have Tash and Marthe of Breaking the Distance – their LGBTQ couples account. They promote LGBTQ visibility on social media. They travel the world and share the stories of their personal life. And we are going to be talking about how they started, their blog, their pride campaign and of course, inclusion and diversity. How it will help your coworking community to be inclusive and diverse. 

  • Our goal was always, is to stay honest with our audience. We were very upfront, we would post things like we had an argument yesterday, we argued over this, this and this, and people responded really positively. 5:31
  • The people in those leadership positions or facilitating hate that word and the space creating the space have to also exhibit those same open and understanding and educated qualities in order. 21:18
  • I think the difference between political correctness gone crazy versus actually being diverse and inclusive, is that one of them is reducing, like being offensive. 22:25


Breaking the Stigma

Breaking the Distance

Tash on Insta

Marthe on Insta