Sam Bender: Simple and Effective Marketing

Hello ladies and gents!

Welcome to the freshest Coworking space marketing podcast, the How to Market your Coworking Space the Simple Way!

For our first episode, we have Sam Bender, Senior Communication Specialist of Cobot.

Cobot is one of the longest-running Coworking Management Software companies in the world. 

Cobot has been around a decade now and Sam will share about how they started as a Coworking Space and shifted their focus to be one of the well-known coworking management software companies. Sam will also be delving into the mechanics of how to promote and market our coworking space effectively. 

Podcast Highlights:

  • People always chase the latest fads. A fantastic website, a good newsletter, and a good selection of photos on Google Maps are probably the biggest indicators of how much attention you’re going to get online. 1:40

  • Spend the time on getting good photos, a good write-up, try to ask for some good reviews, because this is the first place that people are actually going to see you and it’s going to be way more than you think. 3:26

  • Waiting for something to be good, often drives or drives one to put out less. And it doesn’t matter even if it’s not great. Having something out there. Tomorrow will help you in a year, in two years even help you in 5 to10 years. And you can always go back and update it. 14:18


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