Phil Szomszor: Giving LinkedIn A Go.

Engaging People Sessions - How To Market Your Coworking Space The Simple Way
Engaging People Sessions - How To Market Your Coworking Space The Simple Way
Phil Szomszor: Giving LinkedIn A Go.

Hello and Welcome to another episode of How to Market your Coworking Space : The Simple Way! We’re bringing you another episode of tips on how to market our coworking space the simple way.

Here we are speaking to Phil Szomszor, co-founder of Brightside. He’s one of the experts on building audience engagement and profile building. His expertise includes the power of using social media to engage in marketing and building a connection through them. And we are going to be talking about how to use LinkedIn to reach out and build connections through the platform.

Podcast Highlights: 

  • LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It is not set-up to just share content that other people have written. The platform is more keen on building conversations, connection and building a community. 2:43
  • Get over the confidence hurdle. If you’re a coworking space, and you want to build up a local community and tap into what’s going on there.12:50
  • Give LinkedIn a go. Have a think about, you know, how you can progress and try different formats and work on things like video and those other things. But don’t panic and think that you’ve got to do that straight away. Just sort of write a few posts and see what kind of reaction you think about what you want to write about. And just have a go. 19:53


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