Mena Joseph: Email Marketing and Newsletters

Hello ladies and gents! We have another guest for you for this episode to bring you tips and tricks on How to Market Your Coworking Space: The Simple way.

We are going to be talking all about email marketing and newsletters with Mena Joseph of She’s an internet marketer and newsletter creator. And we are going to be talking all about the difference between newsletters and email marketing. We’ll also be talking about how you build connections through them.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Newsletters are very much about encouraging engagement and building your relationship with your audience in a way that doesn’t involve you selling a product. Whereas email marketing is much more about you’ve got a product and you want to make that product known to your audience. 1:26
  • Get feedback. I’m always asking for feedback. And that’s helped me shape the newsletter as well. 14:18
  • It is important that your newsletters are easy to read. There’s a lot of fluff in writing as well. And I try to cut as much as I possibly can. And they think that having short sentences help. 24:34


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