Kenda Macdonald: Understanding your customer’s journey.

Hey Folks! Welcome back with another episode of How to Market your Coworking Space: The Easy Way! And of course, we have prepared another fun episode for you. 

Today we have Kenda Macdonald, a Bestselling author of Hack the Buyer Brain, speaker, and CEO of Automation Ninjas. What is Automation Ninjas about? It’s about combining the power of behavioral marketing and automation.  And what Kenda will be sharing with us today will be about the customers’ journey and what you should do to understand it.

Podcast Highlights:

  • What is your customers’ journey? What your coworkers have to do, in order to find out who you are, find out why you’re the place to go and work, and come and work in that space, stay and come back repeatedly. 1:51
  • Let your Community create content for you. Coworking space target audiences are so big. Coworking audiences are across a load of different niches, it’s really hard to create content for an audience like that. 3:31
  • Lead Magnet is basically a way to take a stranger on the internet and into someone who knows, likes and trusts you.
  • People want to hear from you. That’s why they signed up. Send some really nice value, add content out and do that repeatedly. And keep that consistency up. 15:48


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