Ann Hawkins: Overcoming Barriers and The New Normal

We have Ann Hawkins, Founder and Managing Director of Drive the Partnership Network. The Drive is a community of business owners that share their expertise and support each other while building great business collaborations. She’s also published a book called “New Business, Next Steps” that she has co-written with Ed Goodman, founder of Freelance Heroes.

For this episode, we are going to be talking all about the New Normal, how to cope up with it, diversity and inclusivity, cultural and geographical barriers.

Podcast Highlights:

  • It just didn’t feel right to go into doing the normal marketing stuff. And then it was kind of, well, what do we do instead? And, and that’s when I started doing these calls because it became obvious that people just needed somewhere together, to talk to each other, and to really, really understand that they weren’t on their own, or people were really stressed out. 2:11
  • One of the really good things that have come out of all the Black Lives Matter stuff is that industries like marketing have realised that they, you know, they have so many barriers to stopping people getting into them, you know, most require somebody to be a graduate. And when you look at how that narrows down into, you know, how many people from different cultural backgrounds go to university, compared to, you know, the white population, then you’re, you’re immediately squeezing a whole load of really creative people out of an industry that should be welcoming them. 10:26
  • The other thing that’s important there, I think Bernie is what’s happened certainly in my world is that local communities are now connected to other local communities. So that our ability to break down those, those geographical barriers are even more important. 16:07
  • (on Martin Sibley) He is when he started an influence marketing business because disabled people don’t want to be marketed to with sympathy, you know, they want to be treated as, like any other. 18:53


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