Well I think that went ok? 
No one died.
It is 7:30pm and I am zooming home, earlier than expected. Which is great! 
I am on an Eastbound Central Line train standing next to a Mother with her very small baby in one of those “Baby Björn” harnesses. 
The baby is so cute! It reminds me of #babybernie when he was that age, it seems like 100 years ago now.
Everyone said things like: “they grow up so fast”, “they’ll be moving out before you know it!” I believed them then and I am even more convinced now.
I spent the weekend working, well not really. I can work when My family are around but it is shit. I know I am missing out, I know we’ll all grow up in 8 seconds. I know life is what happens when you are making plans. 
I was punching myself in the head for not working it all out sooner in the week. 
It takes ten times longer to do everything because #Babybernie is always more interesting than anything else going on.
On a selfish note, when I go to the park and only think about being in the park with him and not about anything else I come back energised. Hanging out with him and having loads in my head is a fools game.
On of the reasons I am very happy right now is I know he’ll have my undivided attention when we “commute” in the morning. 
Ok, that’s it.
Time to eat! 
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