How can I notify everybody on my Trello board?

How can I message everybody on my Trello board at the same time? This question was asked by Chris Thompson of the amazing Green School in Bali at our recent Trello workshop at Hubud. He wanted to update his entire team in one go, without having to mention every team member individually. Interestingly enough I had the same problem just a week before. One of our test servers had had a software problem and needed updating – a quick message to the entire team prevented them from making changes until the problem was fixed.

Luckily Trello has you covered once again. Read on for the solution.

Start with a card

First things first: To notify everybody on your Trello board at once, you need to start on a card. If you don’t have a suitable card already, create one. This might seem superfluous if you just want to send everybody a quick message but it’s often useful because your conversation is stored inside the card. Any replies or discussions that arise will be stored alongside the original message.

Mention @board

In the same way that you can mention other team members in comments, you can use a special ‘@board’ name to notify everybody on the board. All board members receive notifications as a result, in exactly the same way as if you’d mentioned each of them individually.

Trello mention all team members

Prefer using the mouse?

Instead of remembering to type ‘@board’, you can also click on the ‘@’ icon next to the comment field. As part of the selection panel you will see an option called ‘All members on the board’. Choose this to send the notification to all Trello board members.

Trello mention all team members

Trello also offers you a second option ‘All members on the card’. Use this one to automatically message all members team members that have been assigned to the Trello card in question.

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