Hells Teeth! I should have told you this sooner…

One of the best-kept secrets to being connected is co-working, the next best-kept secret is your tribe.

I have found getting out of your “space” to co-work is brilliant for both your productivity and your soul. This is whether you work for a big shiny corporate or are a freelancer like me.

In their respective books Mitch Joel and Lisa Gansky, who are way smarter than me talk about the “friction” and “collision” of ideas between people that end up being called things like “Kickstarter” “AirBnB” when people thrash together in coworking spaces. When I travel to Krakow, Buenos Aries or San Francisco I head for a mates tech company or co-working space to do my work rather than a stagnate in a coffee shop and pack up every time I need to use the bathroom.

Last month at the Mesh 2013 event was the best real-life validation yet.

Steven Berlin Johnson opened with a riff that just even just 10 years ago people huddled together around a table working would be looked upon as a hippie basket weaving group.

Today the story is different, for nearly five years I have been following the rise of New Work City in NYC run by Tony, this started as a few people and is now a thriving coworking community, also check out the ACE boutique hotel in NYC.

My personal productivity and creativity have taken a sharp rise since showing up at KindredHQ last year.

Meet off-line? Events and all that?

1. Are you in London for Leweb tomorrow? Come to say hi! (My match profile is here)

The Sharing Economy Radio Team will be at LeWeb – we’ll be recording live there and hope I get some interviews in both Spanish and English!

 2. I am a fool.
What sort of a nutter schedules an event in half term?
While no-one really booked I suppose it was even cooler to get so many emails and a twitter backlash killing me for picking that date.
I was going to be pig-headed but I thought is was simpler to reschedule it to the 10th July.

3. We’ll be exploring the Tribes: the connected economy at the Late Late Breakfast Show. If traditional networking events bore you to tears get in here. There is an epic mix of tech, coworking, business transformation and connectedness on offer from Alex, Anne, Colin and Doug.

Last of all…

Get your blog moving workshop for June has four places left, the £99.50 early bird runs for a few more days. Come and sort out your life, blog, strategy, comms and build your tribe in a few hours.
The hard part is doing the work after, booking and coming for coffee and a chat – well, that’s easy!

Book here

Have a remarkable day! 

Bernie J Mitchell
Freelancer and Chief Instigator at Engaging People

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