My Miracle Morning

I have been working on this ‘Miracle Morning‘ thing for ages and now I have it down to a fine art. I know the title sucks and sounds like a coked up TGI Friday’s waitress called Polly Anna but it works. 

Every day I wake up between 5am and 6am, more often 5am and before anything can happen I start listening to an audio version of 12 Week Year, then from there I leap into the kitchen and down a pint of cold water.

After that, I make a Yerba mate (Argentine tea), pop my vitamins and medication then chill for a few minutes looking out the window sipping mate and listening to the book.

This first part takes about 15 minutes. Next up is 50 points on the Spanish App Duolingo and then 3 games on Elevate iOS

I make a decaf bulletproof coffee and I sit and meditate for 20 mins, move onto 750 words, shower, get dressed and off we go. (Yes Decaf!)

Then I write 750 Words – at the time of posting this I have written over 750,000 words – and I am one of the slow ones!

All this has to happen before I leave the house.

Best Way To Start The Day

Life does go on if I don’t do this but everything works better when these ‘line items’ are delivered.

The whole process wakes me up properly, of which sitting still for 20 minutes is even more amazing than you think.

The most important emotion from the whole thing is the sense of achievement that I get before I have even left the house.

When I am sleep walking into the tube later in the day, feeling tired and defeated my mind goes back to my morning and I recall that I have already had a Spanish lesson, meditated, practised some maths, grammar and whatever else the elevated app throws up that day AND written 750 words which help me sort my head out.

Another 750 Words?

Ah – the 750 words! This could be the secret to the whole thing.

Some days I just write and hope something will happen and other days I can sit down and make a whole blog on one go.

This sounds like a piece of piss but please hear me out brothers and sisters.

It is totally possible to write a blog every day but where it gets super tricky is knowing what you are going to write and one of the key tips in Rachel’s book 2k to 10k is to know what you are going to write.

Sounds super obvious when you think about it, yet, I would even be able to tell you what I am going to write and then when I sit down to begin, I am stumped.

How To Write Even More Every Day

I’ll give you a real time example.

I have this groundbreaking blog series coming on being a freelancer, I am sure it is the world first. After I hit publish it will be so popular my family will have to go into hiding and I’ll make Elizabeth Gilbert and J.K. Rowling look like Reader’s Digest guest bloggers.

It is all there and it is all done apart from the writing.

So to cut to the chase when I followed Rachel’s very short and simple framework the whole thing came together in a morning.

I had to use some special software, once you have this you’ll be fine.

Software required: paper and pencil.

 The time required: 4 – 5 minutes.

I already have the idea so spending a few minutes scribbling on a bit of paper the order it will work out in cut my writing time in half.

At this point I am tempted to say ‘whatever works for you’ – in my opinion, this is a magnolia and beige disclaimer made by authors and trainers – try a few things with deliberate intent and see how they work or probably don’t work out.

I learnt this best from food, I stopped eating bread, sugar, meat and dairy and nearly died, it was easier to give up smoking, drink and cocaine than it was to quit these three things.

One of my favourite breakfasts was a toasted cinnamon bagel with butter, ham and cheese in.

It was immediately satisfying and then later in the day I wanted to sleep,

later? I mean 15 minutes later.

I Am Bored Of Dyslexia And Depression

Being dyslexic and dealing with depression, everything can be hard. I got to the point in the last couple of  years where I was so fucking bored of everything being the same. 

Everything that happened seemed to point back to the depression, dyslexia, being too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, etc. Everything I did would hurt me, wound me, upset me and just generally cause a disaster.

Now the morning routine has me awake and kicking for longer and I don’t have brain fog and going back to the writing bit, forcing myself to think in a new way was the huge breakthrough.

I hope that my morning routine will inspire you to begin your own.

Taking the time in the morning to truly focus on what is important has helped guide and drive me and can do the same for you.

I believe in God and the internet is my religion 😉

End of Lecture 😉 

What works for you? 

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