London Bloggers @meetup #lbm – Are you in?

Are one of those people that is always wondering what blogging is all about?
Then get to London Bloggers Meet Up this tonight.

This mighty event has everyone in the blogging spectrum from East End Lass to Big Phil in PR.
Amazingly it is lots of blogger people talking about blogging, so consider how interesting it is!

I am ashamed to admit I had been in that nasty procrastination space that reaks of “I have been meaning to go” or “that looks interesting” for nearly a year (maybe two).
What really kept me away was the risk that I might meet someone who knew more than me (that happens more than I care to admit – someone knowing more than me that is.)

Even worse someone would be beastly to me because I did not have a blog yet, because everyone online is a big shot are they not?
Of course none of that happened. Instead I met some truly brilliant people who saved me hours of mindless surfing, even better I had loads of fun and got home late.
Some of my best connections have come from this Meet Up – including Andy Bargery with whom I run the London Meet Up Organisers Meet Up at the Talk Talk customer experience venue we do that in. 

Click to join the Bloggers Meet Up.

Click to check out the London Meet Up Organisers Group.

Questions for you to comment on:-
What Meet Ups you been meaning to get to?
What other Meet Up do you rate and why?
What do you think Meet Up is?

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