London Bloggers Meet Up – Blog or Tweet?

I am terrified to write this post in case @lesanto reads it and calls me up.
It is not really that he is scary – I bet he is a teddy bear with a cup of hot chocolate really.
It is that I know I could do better. When you get a room full of London Bloggers together there is a cross section of people who are smart people. They may work in education, business or have a real job like like being a parent.
There is a vibe I find infectious and love hearing about people’s blogs, everyone says “oh I just have a silly little blog” or “I have not posted in ages” – after which I find out they are more than putting me to shame with their work.
I was chatting with Alex who runs the KindredHQ co-working Meet Up this week about marketing and content. We both agreed that our best results come from blogging and writing email newsletters – then hung our heads in shame when we admitted the infrequency in which we do both.
Practice makes perfect and the more you share the more you have.
I’m of to blog.

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