London 2012 Olympic Games Digital Report by Alex Balfour

Normally I’d run a mile from 84 slides in a row with this much data on! 
However, these form really good insight into the outcomes for the games and it is great to see someone like Alex run a high profile job like this and come out triumphant. This games broke new ground in media and the “game” changed several times in the run up, for example there was no ipad when London won the bid. Read on!  

About Alex:
Alex Balfour joined the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) as Head of New Media in 2006.
At LOCOG he built a team from scratch that has delivered 77 digital channels including, two mobile apps, ticketing, volunteering, education, online shop, mobile apps and social media presences to a worldwide audience of over 150m during the Olympic Games.
Alex Balfour’s long and distinguished career in digital media began in 1994. He edited GE’97, the UK’s first general election website, made the first consumer Internet telephone call to a traditional telephone, developed the first online government consultation and went on to be part of the team that produced the Guardian newspaper’s first significant websites. In parallel he was a founder of CricInfo, in its day the world’s largest single-sport website with an audience of 20m fans as early as 2000, and became Chairman before the business was sold to ESPN in 2005.
Alex is also a member of the UK Government’s Digital Advisory Board, and a Director of a number of business in the financial services sector including The Pensions Advisory Service, Credec and Datatracks (UK).
See Alex Balfour’s CV (on Linkedin) here
Alex is also active on Twitter, fitfully active on Flickr and Facebook and occasionally  blogs.
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