Why I Don’t Blog Every Day

just don’t know what to wear! 

So far I have walked around my room, made some breakfast, read ten things and then played about in a couple of other apps and now I am here.

I have just got #Babybernie to superglue me to the table and here we go!

Hell’s Teeth Batman 

All I have to do is write, and even worse this feels like the type of conversation I would be having with myself in 2009 about blogging. I remember little Meet Up’s I would run in London with my mates where we got together to write a blog and publish it.

They worked so I stopped doing them. Six years later we started one in our  coworking space. Just a little gang of us who are super smart but not smart enough to make themselves sit down for an hour and write. AMAZINGLY we all sat down together and whooosh! We had turned into the Huffington Post.

It is nearly August and I was thinking back to this time last year when I bumped into Maja from Coboat online and on of the questions she asked was “out of all the things you do what is the one thing that would propel your life forward the furthest if you did it more often?”

With no need to think about it I said “Easy, I should blog every day!”

Why I don’t blog every day

Well, to be honest, it scares me. There is this guy in a pink shirt who I have never met who comes to me in my dreams and taps me on the shoulder as I am about to hit publish.

He takes my words and throws open a huge set of doors that reveal a room as big as Zion in one of the Matrix films and everyone starts laughing. Then they stop and ask, Bernie what have you ever done? One guy says how he started a software company in 1994, the other an airline in 1905, another has been in the army and carried Franklin Roosevelt’s coffin, another has sold 10 million books, suddenly someone says they have fact checked my blog and some of the quotes are not cited properly, the reference to my family events are not the right date and I owe £29.50p from my tax bill from 2010.

My Fantasy 

My fantasy is to blog every day. Well, blog on here every day. I wanted to blog every day when I first started a blog on Blogger in 2006; it was more of a journal – you know like a real blog, not a fucking marketing machine. I think my first words really were “hello world my name is Bernie” – I had just got back from my second trip to Argentina and thought I could be the next Bruce Chatwin, and this would be easy – I have the internet, all he had was a tooth and Moleskin.

The photo for this post is from 2005 – when we were married in Argentina, I was practicing to be the face of Moleskin or Lonely Planet.

So Here We Are

Look, the great thing about blogging every day is that you can just pick up where you left off, so I am going to do that now and go and scooter in the park with #Babybernie. I am giving this a shot, the issue is not the writing – I will come clean it is the actual posting and sharing that scares the shit out of me.

I am not saying that for you to feel sorry for me, send flowers or call me up and say it will all be ok. Nor is it a secretly disguised invite for one of you to call up and give me an ‘out’ by saying – “why to put yourself under so much pressure, Bernie?’

I have been thinking about this for years and if I had started sooner what you are reading now would be far more useful. Or maybe it would not, I could have disappeared up my own arse as an internet marketer.

ANYWAY – below are three of the most useful things I HAVE EVER ‘eaten’ in my life – well worth a listen and read.

Until next time!

I mean tomorrow. 

Actually, there is one more thing.

Is there something I could write about that would help you?

Send me a message via @berniejmitchell and I’ll get to work. 


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