Learning to be a Dad….

As you will know I am a big fan of my son #babybernie – in fact “Bernie the Dad” is the most comfortable version of myself that I have ever been. When I think back to previous relationships when I was younger and some near misses with being a Dad I wonder how I would have coped, well I don’t actually – it would have been a mess. It is amazing the velocity with which you grow up with another human being who has no concept of your time, workload or agenda. You are not able to bargain with them, reason with them and nor do they fall for “in a minute”. Just when you think you can’t take any more screaming… they stop and give a cheeky, heart melting giggle and hug you. Me and “the Godfather” often spent Saturday mornings in the park, not too far from the crap pub we used to meet in on Friday nights. We discuss how amazed we are that we get so much done before midday on a Saturday these days. In our last life Saturdays mornings were spent trying to recover from the night before, nurse ourselves back to a state where we could string a sentence together – so we could head out and repeat the process on Saturday night….. 😉

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