Just another 30 day blog challenge… #9

I am on my way home from the latest Food Assembly to launch in London.

I jump on the 67 bus on Kingsland Road and jump off by the Golden Heart on Commercial Road by Spitafields Market. 

For me this is like time travel. 

In the past Kingsland Road was where we’d head for Vietmanise food, I had no idea which place to go to or even what to order.
  IMG_3262.JPGI’d always find someone to go with so I’d end up eating something new, I still never know what order.

The bus drives past the “oh now so cool” Shoreditch High Steet. One of my favourite places in the world ever was the Mother Bar, I am not even sure if it is still there. We’d head to the Mother Bar on Sunday’s as we all worked in Bars and Clubs and no one had to be up Monday morning. The DJ would  play a Rolling Stones record followed by a De La Soul record followed by a Chemical Brothers record – somehow it worked,  brilliantly. 

There was one time everyone was jumping up and down to a song and I really thought the floor was going to give way. 

The place looked like the house with the shoot out in the opening scene of the first Matrix Movie – smashed to bits – and it was smashed to bits properly, there was no stylist from Head Office in Milton Keynes who popped by to stlye the “elegant clutter” like most places round there now.

The Golden Heart.

So many silly stories about this place. The story for today’s blog is when I sat at the bar until 1am crying into my pint while Sandra the land lady listened patiently to my grief over my recently Mothers recent death. She listened until I fell off my stool and she called me a cab and paid for it. I OY lived at the top of Brick Lane. 

I stated writing this as it occurred to me that I am always thinking of writting about this area, it is not a new idea for me. I have been talking about this for 15 years or more and this is the maybe the second time I have written anything like it.

Liverpool Street station holds so many memories for me, I have walked through it day dreaming, ran through it because I was late, ran through it because I was so keen to get to where I was going. Shouted at people in it, kissed people in it, broken up with people in it, fallen asleep in it and on more than one occasion stood in the middle of it and wondered what was going on as my world crumbled around me.

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