Just another 30 day blog challenge… #6

I have pondered exactly how to work out loud and I am not sure what the bloody issue is.
It is not as if I have some super sensitive thing with a string of NDA’s.

I think one thing that ‘stops’ me – even though it should not is some slim ball knob ringing up to pitch me their product.
It is not I am scared of buying it by accident – I learnt my lesson about this type of ‘impulsive purchase’ a few years ago – it is I will want to say ‘ÂŁu,k off’ and put the phone down but I am not really comfortable being that directly rude.

After writing that out loud it does seem ridiculous so I am glad I shared.



Working Out Loud – Here we go again…

As you would have read in the last six blogs this week has been depressive and interesting for me. Needless to say the marks on my gantt chart and Trello boards are not in the place I intended them to be at this point in the week.

I am writing this as fast as I can to get home for dinner with my family and to totally switch off from everything until early Monday morning.
This is good, think of me like a Tesla Model X needing a full recharge before getting back and ripping up the road – (go with me on this) 😉
Earlier in the week I felt like Holden Caulfield staggering around New York armed with an early copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

As I was crying into my corn flakes earlier this week I thought I was not getting anywhere, my Trello board seemed stacked and then stacked again, when we had our OuiShare Team Hangout this morning I felt like I’d missed the last few months – then I woke up – but the call was finished. Elena, who was on the hangout arrived @90Mainyard and through a bucket of cold water in my face and smacked me with a wet fish shouting ‘You Will Never Be A Fisherman!’ – Ok that last bit might have been made up.

Everything was ok after I wrote out a list of all the conversations that had happened this week I discovered A LOT of possibility around that needs to be ‘converted’ next week to proceeded.

One of the best things to come out of this week is my ground breaking idea of getting people together to help each other – fuck me! I am a genius!
Actually it is a group of projects that are all in the same place and just by informally hanging out once a month I think we could significantly accelerate what we are all doing, also we all bump into each other anyway and show up together ANYWAY – adding a thread of focus to it would be rocket fuel.

I am looking for ways to save time AND still be generous, I love hooking people up and I am fast at social media and email but I need to work on ways to make my workflow more slick.

Tools like Slack, Mailchimp, Trello, Asana, WordPress, Sunrise Calendar, Hootsuite, Fancy Hands, Evernote, Nimble, Free Agent and of course Google Apps make everything productive but now I am looking to polish the edges. (Full arsenal here)

One of the things that still eats up time is following up and email. For instance people outside of our project groups people still use email while the world is AMAZING some things are easier to share on applications.

People still like to have conversations via email and it does my head in, partly because I like to respond to people to keep things moving forward – if I end up in a bit of an email conversation with projects a part of me dies and I can’t follow it through, I stop before I end up hating the other person for something they don’t know they have done.

I have worked with a few people who “THINK VIA EMAIL” so I’d get War and Peace type instructions in numbered paragraphs – these are the sort of people who still make their invoices one by one in Microsoft Word, keep paper receipts and are amazed you could get email on their phone.


This post is dedicated to Luis Suarez – not the footballer 😉

Thanks for reading!

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