Just another 30 day blog challenge… #27

It’s NIL until you ship it. 

I am not going to be looking back at these last 27 or so days and thinking ‘that was the best work of my life’ but I am going to be able to spot where the contributions are to what will happen in the future. 

I was lounging around on my desk at 90 Mainyard pontificating about blogging and inbound marketing – again. Poor Nils, the super smart developer lead who  sits next to me. He patiently listens to y semi-insightful drivel everyday and then goes back to his code and the bunch of books on his desk that I liberally quote from forgetting he has read them.

He is good to sit next to. His is focused, purposeful and does not have any noisy toys and is REALLY bloody nice. When I arrive to 90 Mainyard  to catch up the 9000 things I have accidentally said yes to and he is already there I know I am going to get more done. I have come to think that this is why 90 Mainyard works so well, people ‘do stuff’ and work. I have been in some coworking situations where everyone talks all day (of course I never did this – cough) and you end up in long crap conversations about facebook and TV.



The way 90 Mainyard is laid out means we can all go and play in the kitchen and then when we get to the desk area people get on with their work.

As boring as this might sound it is rewarding. The act of working for yourself breaks you into a do or die thing some days, well most days, and it is bloody stressful. However, when people are walking around without anything to do they are either stuck or having a day off. People don’t ‘slack off’ or ‘doss off’ as we used to say at school.

I have really become aware of the motivation that is available for free in a good coworking space, of course it has always been there and I have just woken up in the last few months. As I write this I am looking forward to the Copass Camp in Lisbon  which is part of the European Coworking Conference and I am wondering if I will ever want to hear the word coworking again in my life. (Ha! Ha!)

With things like coworking, the sharing economy and the web being so engrained into my everyday life I wonder what they really look like from the outside.

I am also stressing about my ‘I’m going to blog everyday’ thing in 2015. I have always liked the idea of blogging everyday and now I am worried about what I am going to blog about, what will people think, what if I upset someone, will I get thrown out of 90 Mainyard for blogging about Nils, will ALL MY devices and computers break so I can’t post one day.

I have soooo many good blogs to share with you guys, there are over 50 semi decent drafts on the other side of the blog you are reading now. BUT as we all know ‘It’s Nil until you ship it.

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